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Understanding Cancer and What Causes it

Cancer is a collective name given to a number of related diseases that cause the cells of the body to start multiplying without stopping.

This may sometimes spread to surrounding tissues that were not affected.

What is cancer and what causes it?

Understanding Cancer and What Causes it (1)

This is the question that many medical researchers have been trying to answer for a long time.

The genesis of cancer

Cancer is genetic; this means it is caused by variations in the genes that control cell growth, multiplication and function. Cancer is hereditary and can be passed down to other generations.

It can also result from body errors during cell division as a result of DNA mutation. Mutation can be caused by exposure to extreme environmental conditions such as chemicals and ultraviolet rays from the sun. The more the cancerous cells grow, the more they continue to mutate.

Types of cancer

There are over 100 types of cancer diseases.

They are usually categorized depending on the tissues or organs where they form.

For instance, if the cancer cells form in the brain then it is referred to as brain cancer.

Here are some of the cancer types that begin in specific cells.
Carcinoma: this is the most common type of cancer.Understanding Cancer and What Causes it (1)

It is formed by epithelial cells that are found on the inner and outer surfaces of the body.

Sarcoma: this type of cancer is found in the bone and the soft tissues of the body.

The soft tissues include the muscles, blood vessels, tendons and ligaments.

Leukemia: this is the type of cancer that forms in the blood tissues of the bone marrow.

It is an abnormal type of cancer because it does not form tumors that are solid.

However, the number of white blood cells increases and destroys the other normal blood cells. This makes it difficult for the body to fight infections, absorb oxygen and control bleeding.

Understanding Cancer and What Causes it (2)Lymphoma: as the name suggests, lymphoma is a type of cancer that begins in the lymphocytes.

These are disease-fighting cells that help in building a strong immune system.

It causes lymphocytes to build up abnormally in the various parts of the body.

The numbers of deaths that result from cancer every year have been on the rise worldwide.

A lot of research and technological ideas have been put in place to subvert the effects of this disease.

What is cancer and what causes it?

This question can only be answered after a lot of mysteries that surround this disease are solved.